Cell Phone Locker - 6 Tenant

Cell Phone Locker - 6 Tenant

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Anodized Aluminum Unit AFMINI32A
Powder Coated Unit AFMINI32-SP


  • Cell Phone Storage Locker
  • 2 Keys Per Storage Locker
  • Actual 17-1/8"H x 9-5/8"W x 7.5"D
  • Rough Opening 17-3/8"H x 9-7/8"W
  • Compartments 5"H x 4"W

Weight: 18 lbs.

These Cell Phone Storage Lockers are designed for use in government facilities, office buildings, or other settings where items need to be stored safely and securely. They work great for storing cell phones, keys, and many other small items. The cell phone storage locker is constructed of heavy gauge anodized aluminum. With a fixed gate, this cell phone storage locker has no master access to all of the compartments. These units can be either surface mounted onto a wall or recessed mounted into a wall that is at least 7.5 inches deep. The standard A size door is 4" wide and 5" high and can be engraved with 5/8" high numbers. Each locker door comes standard with a 5 pin cylinder cam lock and two keys. Wristband key chains are available for each locker door
Additional options include different door sizes and combination locks, fill out our contact form or call to speak with one of our commercial mailbox experts.

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    Mounting Option

    • Recessed Mount
    • Surface Mount

    Wristband Key Chains

    • No Thank You
    • Black +$4.50
    • Blue +$4.50
    • Green +$4.50
    • Pink +$4.50
    • Purple +$4.50
    • Red +$4.50
    • Teal +$4.50
    • White +$4.50
    • Yellow +$4.50

    Door Identification

    • Blank Doors
    • Number Slots
    • Standard Engraving 1 To 6
    • Custom Engraving