Large Tenant 4-CBU

Large Tenant 4-CBU

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Item Number: AFECBU4


  • Mailbox
  • Pedestal
  • 3 Keys per Door


  • Overall 62"H x 30-1/2"W x 17-7/8"D
  • 4 Standard Compartments 6-1/2"H x 12"W x 15"D
  • 1 Outgoing Mail Compartment 3-1/4"H x 12-7/8"W x 16-3/4"D
  • 2 Parcel Compartments 10-1/4"H x 12-7/8"W x 16-3/4"D 13-3/4"H x 12-7/8"W x 16-3/4"D

Weight: 145 lbs.

Auth Florence CBU Commercial Mailboxes with 4 doors are quite likely the world’s most secure outdoor mail and parcel delivery units available today. Officially licensed by the United States Postal Service to stop mail identity theft and property damage. Made using heavy duty extruded aluminum and 360 degree wrap around stainless steel hinges. Welded seams replace rivets, which can be easily pried open. CBU commercial mailbox units use durable 5-pin cylinder cam locks and come with 3 keys per door. 2 parcel lockers are equipped with secure USPS approved locks. Use standard silver decals (shown) for tenant door numbers or have them engraved. See Tenant Door Identification for details. Shielded outgoing mail slot; optional seal for restricted access.
CBU mailboxes are finished with a rust-proof powder coating that resists damage from force. Custom Silver Decals can have up to 6 7/8" characters; USPS recommends up
to 3 characters. Custom engraving can have up to 12 3/4" characters and has black or white color fill options.

  • For private use, a conversion kit is available. Call us for details.

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Tenant Door Identification

  • Standard Silver Decals 1 To 4
  • Custom Silver Decals


  • Engraved Black Fill +$139.00
  • Engraved White Fill +$139.00

Custom Decals or Engraving Ship In 1-2 Weeks