Stainless Steel Supreme

Stainless Steel Supreme

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This stainless steel post is used for a Supreme Letter Locker that is being installed into existing concrete.

Item: LLSS2

Stainless steel is recommended for tropical / moist climates and heavily wooded areas to help resist rusting. Constructed of 14 gauge stainless steel, this model is more than twice the size of a Standard Letter Locker. With a larger 5″H x 11’W incoming mail slot, the Supreme will not only hold up to FOUR weeks of mail, but will also accept small packages (up to shoe box size). The incoming mail slot and outgoing tray are held behind a magnetic door. A strong, 5-pin cam lock allows access to the secure space. The Supreme model comes with a stainless steel red flag and has a #4 brushed finish. Stainless steel is an available upgrade for ALL Letter Locker Products.

Specifications: 36″H x 12 1/6″W x 21″D